Luyanda needs your help

Despite the terrible events in the last few months, everyday life goes on. You may remember a student from our school named Luyanda? We reported her progress at our school to you over the years. Luyanda is now in a High School in Pinetown, but diligently participates in the evening classes every Monday, where all high school students continue with their important German lessons. Most of this teaching takes place online (some children are in boarding school) and unfortunately this is a major obstacle for Luyanda, who comes from a previously disadvantaged household. Luyanda doesn’t have a laptop or cell phone credit to log into class every Monday. At the moment Luyanda comes to the school in the evenings, borrows one of the school laptops and takes part in the lessons. The problem is that she not only sits alone at school every Monday night, but also has to walk home alone in the dark. It’s not far, but it’s still not safe for a girl to be alone on the streets of Durban after sunset.

We are telling you this story for the following reason: we would like to buy Luyanda a used computer that she can set up in her home. Then also a small “router” that we pay monthly so that she also has WiFi access. For around R 8000 we could finance her a used computer and WiFi access for a year. This would not only help her to maintain her knowledge of the German language, but would also make her daily school work much easier.

If you have the opportunity to support Luyanda, you can do this here:

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