Letter Archive

To ensure that the communication with our donors doesn’t cease, and that they always know what is happening at “their” school, we send a letter every 2 months with all the important information they might want to know about.

Below, you will find the Letters of the past year:

(Please note that they are all in German)

Rundbrief März 2024

Rundbrief Januar 2024

Rundbrief November 2023

Rundbrief August 2023

Rundbrief Juni 2023

Rundbrief März 2023

Rundbrief Januar 2023

Rundbrief November 2022

Rundbrief Juli 2022

Runbrief Juli 2021

Rundbrief Mai 2021

Rundbrief März 2021

Rundbrief Januar 2021

Weihnachtsbrief November 2020

Spendenbrief März 2020

Spendenbrief Januar 2020