Buy-A-Brick Initiative

Buy-A-Brick here and help us to complete our Kindergarten Extension

Please add the word “Brick” after your Surname in the Donation Form below, so that we know whose name we can write on our wall.

Last Donations: 31 January 2018

These are the different Donation Categories:

Donation Type:


Amount of Bricks:

Name Plaque:

Eternity Donation (Platinum) R 7 000

500 Bricks

5 Bricks
58cm x 16cm

Legacy Donation (Gold)

R 5 500

400 Bricks

4 Bricks
46cm x 16cm

Loyalty Donation (Silver)

R 4 000

300 Bricks

3 Bricks
35cm x 16cm

Community Donation (Bronze)

R 3 000

200 Bricks

2 Bricks
23cm x 16cm

Minimum Donation

R 1 500

100 Bricks

1 Brick
23cm x 16cm

Thank you for your Support!