Our new Playground is complete

Last week our Kindergarten children could finally play on their new playground for the first time!

When the building process started, we unfortunately had to take the old playground down, because all the building work took up a lot of space.

Although the extension was completed in May already, the re-building of the playground took a bit longer than expected.

We wanted to use this opportunity to renew and upgrade the playground.
Because our school depends on donations a lot of the time, we sometimes had to wait for donated items, such as the AstroTurf. We also had no professional help with regards to the set up and had to rely on our staff who are already very busy as it is. We even had parents that donated their time to the school and helped us setting everything up.

Now our playground is finally complete and our children can look forward to the following activities:

  1. A Tricycle Track
  2. Two big Jungle Gyms
  3. Big Climbing Tyres
  4. A large Sandpit
  5. A variety of Swings

and much more…
We wish our kindergarten children many happy hours on their new playground.